Year-end reflection on recent projects and publications, as well as useful tools, albums, books, and more
Long overdue, semi-monthly newsletter with exhibitions, events, readings, and more
A space for reflecting on recent events and gathering together useful things to hear, read, and watch
When we look backwards and forwards to events, listenings, readings, and possibilities for communing with octopi, humans, and others alike
This month's newsletter features a number of recent projects, publications, learnings, listenings, and more
When we reflect on winter, futures, and events; listenings, readings, and learnings; and the possibility for connections amidst the pandemic
A new newsletter by Prem Krishnamurthy with upcoming events, publications, recommendations, and readings
Welcome to Commune (pronounced like "communing"), a periodic newsletter offering artistic tools and strategies for social transformation. Prem…
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Prem Krishnamurthy: Commune /kəˈmjuːn/